As a farmer, you want to have the latest technology that helps your daily business on the farm. Kverneland Group Mechatronics is continuously looking at our current product offering and how we can make it even better. The latest product to get an update is our IsoMatch GEOCONTROL which is now available in version V1.7.0.21

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What is IsoMatch GEOCONTROL
IsoMatch GEOCONTROL is an additional software application within the IsoMatch Tellus GO+ or PRO that helps control all ISOBUS compatible Kverneland Group machines such as sprayers and seeders. Combined with a GPS receiver it fulfills all needs in terms of easy, smart, and efficient farming.

What’s new?
Within IsoMatch GEOCONTROL V1.7.0.21, you can find several new features that will make it easier and more efficient for you to work in the field.

Increased number of sections
While booms of sprayers are getting bigger and there is also more demand for individual nozzle control, 88 sections in Section Control were limiting controlling sprayers with a boom of 54 meters. In this version, the IsoMatch Tellus PRO can control up to 110 sections, this way all Kverneland sprayers can work with individual nozzle control.

In this version, the following languages have been added: Japanese, Croatian, Greek, Serbian and Slovenian.

Field boundary recording
When you wish to record your field boundary, you can now turn off sections manually and then only the activated sections will be recorded rather than the working width of the boom as previously happening.

Import/export from IsoMatch FarmCentre
When you use IsoMatch GEOCONTROL together with IsoMatch FarmCentre, you will now receive warnings in all supported languages.

TC and VT numbering updated
In this new version, you can now find TC and VT numbering according to AEF standards from 1-32.

Reverse beep
When you use IsoMatch GEOCONTROL, the software detects when you reverse the tractor. Previously you would have been received one loud warning. This has now been changed to 3 beeps that will be repeated after 20 seconds when driving backward.

For more information on this new version of IsoMatch GEOCONTROL, please contact your local dealer