New Vicon Spreading Charts Website and App’s

Vicon introduces a new design for its spreading charts website and App for smartphones and tablets. A new and modern design is implemented in combination with an easy to navigate menu structure and quick access to the advice to set your fertiliser spreader correctly.

With the new design and navigation structure of the spreading charts website and the App for smartphones and tablets show how easy and quick you can get an advice for your fertiliser. Based on the settings you have entered, you get an advice to set up your fertiliser spreader correctly in four steps.


The Vicon Spreader Competence Centre in Nieuw-Vennep (NL) is constantly testing new fertilisers which are published on the four different platforms which Vicon has available to distribute the spreading charts. These are the website, the App for smartphones and tablets, the manual (which is standard delivered with a machine) and the AutosetApp. The AutosetApp gives you the opportunity to stay in the tractor cab and always spread with the correct settings!

The Vicon spreader range is providing value out of every fertiliser granule, because every crop deserves the best care.

10. December 2018