Basic Section Control – For Optimised Precision

Vicon offers the possibility to do basic section control with the standard weighing spreader models, like the RO-M EW and RO-EDW models.


Get Your Yield Optimised with More Sections
With the new Basic Section Control software on the RO-M EW and RO-EDW weighing spreader the number of sections will be increased from 2 wide sections (left and right) into maximum 8 smaller sections (of 4 metre wide) for the RO-M EW model and 16 sections for the larger RO-EDW weighing spreader. Both models are equipped with one electrical actuator on each spreading disc to control the application rate to provide optimal use of nutrients to the grass or crops.

The basic section control of the RO-W EW or RO-EDW adjusts the dosing system by a GPS positioning system to optimise overlap and coverage with a minimum over and under dosing. This results in a better yield and a reduction of costs.

Every Crop deserves the Best Care

1. October 2018